The simplest way to cook a perfect boiled egg - without water!

Wouldn't it be great if preparing a perfect boiled egg was as easy as making toast? Very soon you'll be able to cook boiled eggs exactly the way you like them, saving energy, water, time and effort.

The Eggxactly is a revolutionary product that cooks boiled eggs without using water or steam. It was designed to be a "toaster for eggs" - just pop your egg in, close the lid, dial up how well you like your egg cooked, and it will do the rest. It turns off automatically, and lets you know when your egg is ready.

After years of hard work we are about to start a market acceptance test with a selected group of people who will give us feedback about their experience using the cooker. Once that is completed the Eggxactly will become available to everybody else who registered their interest and finally to the general public.

In August 2006 the Eggxactly won the offer of investment from two Dragons on BBC2's Dragons' Den.

In March 2008 the Eggxactly won the E-ON EnergyLab competition for best new green product.


You can still register your interest
in becoming one of the first owners
of this award-winning product
after the market acceptance test
has been completed.