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Want to find out more about How Eggxactly works? We have all your questions ready for you below.

1. How does it work?

Unlike traditional egg cooking methods that use water to boil an egg, Eggxactly wraps the egg in a silicon that heats and cooks the egg evenly.

2. What is Gourmet Mode?

Gourmet Mode can be applied to all four settings. Gourmet Mode simply reduces the temperature and cooks the egg for longer. The result is a creamier egg.

3. How does Gourmet Mode work?

To cook in gourmet mode, simply hold down the switch of the cooker for longer than 2 seconds. The red light of the cooker will flash in order for you to know Gourmet Mode is active. Once cooking is finished cooker will automatically revert to normal cooking mode.

4. How do I clean my cooker?

Ensure that you have unplugged from the mains. Use a damp cloth and wipe the element. Be careful not to apply too much pressure.

5. How do I remove the egg from the cooker?

Remove egg by using a cloth or a spoon. Please ensure that no sharp objects are used to remove egg as this will damage the silicone.

6. What if I accidentally puncture the silicone?

If the silicone is damaged DO NOT try to cook eggs. Please return the cooker to us. Address can be found in the contact us section.

7. Is the cooker battery operated?

No, the cooker must be connected to an electric socket.

8. How long is my manufacturing warranty?

The manufacturing warranty is 24 months.

9. Is it energy efficient?

By avoiding the need to boil water, our design focuses purely on heating the egg alone leaving no room for waste. On top of this, you’ll save water on washing up with our mess free approach. Thanks to our revolutionary silicon design, cooking an egg has never been more eco- friendly.

10. What size egg can I cook?

Our innovative silicon design holds chicken eggs of many sizes, adapting to their shape and delivering an even cook every time. However, If the egg is abnormally small, the cooker will notify you by not turning on.

11. Can I cancel the cooking process at any time?

You can stop cooking at any time by opening the cooker. However, this will not be to your desired setting.

12. I can see steam coming out of the cooker.

This is normal. The Egg shell is extremely porous and water escapes when heated. Ensure that your hand in not placed close to the cooker while cooking.

13. Is it faster than boiling an egg?

Yes. The difference in time is gained as there is no need for water to boil.